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Building a Brand through Blogging

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Blogger: William Ruckert

In the world today companies can spend up to billions of dollars on getting their company to achieve “franchise in the mind”. Paul Chaney used the term “franchise in the mind” in his blog “7 Ways to Build a Brand Using Blogs.” “Franchise in the mind” is when a customer automatically thinks of the company when thinking of a certain product or service. The problem is most companies do not have this kind of money to spend on marketing campaigns, so away to achieve this “franchise in the mind” is by creating a blog. There are a few major ways to build your brand through blogging.

When starting a blog the creator needs to start by creating a Online persona. The creator needs to tell the story of the product and company. It needs to let the consumers and potential consumers know what the company/product is about. The customer needs to be drawn in and believe the creation story of the company. The blogger can tell the story in the description of the blog. Also throughout the blogs the blogger can continually remind the readers of what the company stands for.

When creating a blog, a community should also be created with the blog. The community can be created on other forms of Social Media and directly on the blog webpage. The creator can use tools message boards, customer ratings, and profiles for their users on the blog page directly. If Social Media is being used also, it must be continually updated just like the blog itself. These communities will help create conversation and connection with the company and consumer.

A blog needs to promote conversations and connections by using the tools previously listed. The posts the blogger creates need to generate comments and questions from the readers. The blogger needs to answers these questions, through the varies forms of interaction. The blogger must also be able to eliminate any concerns that customers or potential customers might see, through the different forms of communication also. Concerns that customers might have are if the product or service is beneficial, cost efficient, or any other issue that the customer might see. Connections are also a major part of blogs. Connection is building a sense of belonging between the product, the consumer, and the blog. These connections will make the consumer needs to visit the blog and read what is going on with the product. This connection can be built by regularly updating the blog, posting relevant information for the customers, and offer incentives to reading the blog. Incentives could include coupons, giveaways, and others. Without this connection the readers can easily find a new blog to visit.

Having guest bloggers can greatly help out a blog. Guest bloggers can lead to more followers to your blog that trust what the guest has to say. These guest bloggers are the authority on the product they talk about to their followers. These guest bloggers can be popular people on websites like Youtube. They can compare different products and services that that they are known for using. By allowing this authority to talk about your product can lead to the followers trusting your product and using it.

To have a successful branding by using a blog, the blogger will need all these aspects together. They also must use all of these parts correctly. The blog creator needs to keep up with changes in social media, regularly answer the questions consumers have, and address the concerns they also have. So the blogger must use all these different tools continuously to be affective at branding their blog.

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