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Blogger: Tevah El Emmet

Integrated marketing is extremely important in today’s society. In the past everything was broken into silos and was separate. Each division looked out for its’ own and did not all work together for the good of the company. Marketing was separate from PR, sales, and direct mail. In contemporary times many companies continue to use the same tactics even with all the research that says an integrated marketing approach works best. This is because many are stuck in only traditional forms of media or in new forms of media and haven’t grasped the ability to effectively use both. This is why integrated marketing is such a huge buzz word and goal for many organizations today because they know that each form of marketing has strengths and weaknesses and when you can put them all together your campaign will be that much stronger.

As we continue to move into a more technology based world many companies are moving to a digital platform. Some are ahead of the times and make sure to use the latest and best in technology and social media and mobile and others are way behind the times. Many however focus their efforts solely on one type of marketing or communication. This is especially true when they are communicating with the millennials. In the articles I read it I learned about how important it is to continue traditional marketing efforts as well as make sure that you are keeping up with current trends.

One article that I read spoke about how 51% of millenials still get there coupons from newspapers. The next highest percent is 50% and is from online sources. Therefore if you do not have both you are really doing a disservice to your company. Others are of course in store options as well. I also learned that even though millennials are the most technologically savvy group most of their shopping still occurs in stores.


They do however do a lot of online comparison. This means that if you are only doing online promotion for millennials than you are still missing a great share.

The second article I read about spoke about talked about the magazine All You. At first it was just a print magazine. And that is where the money from advertising came. Once the number of sales began to decline a little they added a website and social media aspect. The online component was not the full magazine but of really good content that the users wanted from the magazine. That way they would continue to go to the print magazine and also look at any ads that were on the online media.

Overall it is really important to tie all of your media outlets together. Do not ignore one kind of media because you never know who uses it and how successful it will be when combined with your other forms of media. Lastly and almost most importantly make sure the content that you distribute is of high quality and watch your audience wants that way it turns away from you trying to send them a message but more to them coming to you to find a message.



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