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Tips to make your video worth watching

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Blogger: Chris Saunders

Video marketing has never been easier to do. With the recent emergence and boom of easy to use platforms like YouTube, video marketing can be both a successful and profitable tactic for any business. Getting the video out to the public is simple, but getting the right video out still has its difficulties. Getting the right message and properly voicing it to your audience can be quite a tough task. Every business is different, and each business can benefit from following these few simple tips, which will ultimately improve the success of your business’ video marketing.

Tip 1 – Your targeting audience will respond much better to a video with more personality. Now by personality, I mean a video that is both captivating visually and audibly, and still informative enough to get the point across. A bland video with words on a white background or a salesperson reading to you is less likely to have a positive effect on you than a casual, more intriguing video taking place in a real-life environment. Compare these two videos and see the difference for yourself.

  • Example 1 (Bad) – Not only is the ad fairly boring to watch and monotone, it could also be considered quite offensive. Additionally, you don’t find out what brand the ad is for until the last five seconds.
  • Example 2 (Good) – The ad is mildly humorous, keeps your attention, and puts a strong, positive focus on the brand throughout the entire ad.

Tip 2 – Another important piece of advice is to maintain consistency. Be consistent in displaying and releasing new ads. Don’t release new ads too often, but don’t make them too sparse. A weekly or monthly set schedule can significantly improve your targeted audience’s response. Also, be consistent in releasing ads based around the same subject. A good example would be Geico, the car insurance company; they always feature the gecko and a similar type of scenario which consumers can recognize and build a minor, but important, relationship with.

Tip 3 – Following the same advice from the last tip, a relevant video is a good video. Keep your video short, concise, and focused on your brand, while still retaining audience attention and being informing and entertaining. Now this is easier said than done, but also hard to mess up at the same time. Say what you need to say about your brand, and nothing more. Provide enough information to entice consumers, and allow them to further research your product or service, which if they are interested they will surely do.

Tip 4 – Last but not least, testimonials can go a long way. Providing truthful and convincing testimonials can further instill consumer’s trust in your brand and give them the push they need to look into/purchase your product or service. The one caveat to this tip, is that if done wrong, it can do exactly the opposite of what you want which is push consumers farther away and lose their trust. For instance, have you ever seen those hair growth or weight loss commercials? If so, then you most likely always question whether the person in the before picture is the same person in the after picture. Situations like this can substantially damage your brand’s image, so keep your testimonials short, simple, and most of all truthful and believable.

Video marketing is readily accessible for the smallest to the biggest companies and can provide a large boost in not only your brand’s image but also to the amount of potential consumers you reach. Follow these tips and your video ads will have a much higher rate of success, and possibly make you more money too!


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