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Blogger: Bryan Reilly

Online marketing has changed very rapidly over the past 5 years. While it once was about packing your website with popular keywords and reworked content so you would be seen, Google and other popular search engines are getting smarter. As highlighted in Karl Fendelander’s article Google Knowledge Graph and SEO: Search Gets Smarter, Google has a comprehension of what people are looking for based on what they query. So a website that packs its content with SEO words instead of viable content will more likely be flagged as spam than ever before. The Google spider is also beginning to identifying blatantly reworked content so it will no longer be displayed as an organic search result. So there is no doubt that the landscape is changing in the online marketing world as search engines begin to catch up with past practices.

The new focus for online marketers must be on content marketing and creating a valid website with important information that is constantly updated. With this in mind, Randy Milanovic developed a small article and infographic titled The 21 New Rules of Content Marketing. He begins with a short but important statement that highlights the transition to content marketing; “In this new world of Internet marketing, it’s not about being ’optimized’,” but being ’easy to find.’” The new way to be found or optimize is through compelling and rich content.

A few of the rules Randy has in his article include: treat keywords like hot sauce, headlines are everything, and don’t just post…engage. Unlike in the past, keywords should now be used sparingly but powerfully. Keywords should mean something and bring people to the content they want. Headlines are also key to grabbing the attention of readers as they are the first thing that people see. If your headlines don’t draw people in than it will be much more difficult to get people to your content. Lastly when good content is posted on a website, marketers should never let it sit idle. Marketers must continue to engage with their own content and the people looking at it. Good content loses its potency if people aren’t drawn in and if people aren’t engaged with.

In the development of their content, many companies try to develop something eye-popping and cutting edge. According to Alexander Jutkowitz in his article Content Marketing: It’s Not about Shock, but Good Storytelling, content development should be about authenticity and providing customers with an experience or knowledge they can actually use. Once companies stop thinking about ways they can shock people into paying attention through Miley Cyrus style VMA performance methods, they can focus on the kind of information that people are truly interested in. The goal for companies should be to find out what people don’t know, what you can provide them, and then provide them with rick content that they can look at every day.

As a closing point, the development of content should not be developed simply as a shallow form of advertising and should not be seen simply as a means to grab customers. If this mindset is taken, even though customer generation is always the key, content development will fall short and people will see through what you are doing. Authenticity and an understanding of you customer’s wants and needs is the best way to create content that people want, and will ensure that your content is found online.



2 thoughts on “Content Marketing

  1. Bryan,

    Very interesting blog post! It is amazing how Google is weeding out the websites that pack their websites with keywords, etc. Content is definitely key, and finding a way to properly use it to gain your audience’s attention is so important!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Bryan,

    Good post! I think it’s important that you added that in this new world of marketing it’s about being easy to be found, and crucial for marketers to focus less on the WOW factors and more on the content to keep your audience around and interested! You made some really great points throughout this blog post, I really enjoyed it!


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