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Content is King


Blogger: Prabhjot Sohi

Jayson DeMers, contributor of The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014, says “A successful content marketing campaign establishes you as an expert in your field, and that sets the groundwork for a long-term business.” And he is right. Content marketing is KING or key in attaining a lead presence in the market.

Today I would like to discuss how to devise a successful content marketing strategy.  I would also like to explain the correct way of implementing your strategy.

The main goal of devising a content strategy is to drive visitors to your site. The way you do this is by providing value to the customer in terms of content. You want to present exactly what a potential customer would be looking when inquiring about your product or service.  Jayson DeMers believes the purpose of this is “building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment.” A superior content strategy will do all of these things.

In a different article (How to Build a Kickass Content Strategy) written by Jayson DeMers he discusses that there should be two types of strategies implemented: offsite and onsite. Onsite strategies involve content on your specific site. Your onsite strategy should include all the following: differentiation from competitor sites, user needs and long-form content. It is important to avoid trying to use sales driving literature, because this will not help you gain the potential customer’s trust.

Offsite strategies can be developing posts on sites that your target audience would be likely to visit. If you are developing these posts on other sites DeMers states it is important that you are providing feedback in the form of “discussions” if there are any. Another point DeMers reiterates for offsite strategies is to “never sell.” Also, it is important to post quality content. Anything poorly written will reflect poorly back on your company. It is better to not post than to post content that is subpar.

The key theme in developing your strategy should be focusing on the USER!

“Combines the powers of all media channels” this is DeMer’s idea of successful execution of a marketing strategy. Encompassing several different arenas of media will “position you as an industry leader,” says DeMers in his article, How to Execute a Converged Media Content Strategy (And Why You Should).  He breaks the different media channels into three categories “Owned,” “Earned,” and “Bought.” Owned content is developed on your company site. Earned content is recognition content you get from others. Examples of this could be bloggers blogging about your company. Finally bought content is advertising which you pay for. Of the three DeMers emphasizes that owned content and earned content are what business are lacking in and are most important.

Concluding our topic of Content Marketing, remember to remain focused on your USER (also known as target customer) when developing your content. When executing your strategy it is important to use all three different media outlets, and to especially focus on Owned and Earned content.


2 thoughts on “Content is King

  1. Prabhjot,

    I liked the title of your blog! Content is a big driver of site visitors, so it is necessary to make absolutely sure your content is readable and gets your message across to the proposed target audience.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Prabhjot,

    I think you did a great job demonstrating the how to devise a successful content strategy plan for companies. You made clear how important content is to help drive more visitors to your site, which of course is the main objective for any company!


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