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Mobile Marketing: Why is it important?


Blogger: Trevon D. Jones

Mobile Marketing is extremely important in today’s society. According to an article from Business entitled, “Your Customers Have Gone Mobile,” research shows that more than 50% of cell phones are now smartphones along with the increasing use of tablets. An estimation was made that the number of mobile internet users will exceed those of PC internet users by next year.

With our society now currently having that “on-the-go” lifestyle, we tend to prefer convenience and efficiency above anything else. The use of the smartphone allows us to access the internet, download different apps of our choice (some of which could already be a part of the package such as Facebook), utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) for directions, and not to mention, to call, text, and leave voicemails. With us able to do all of these different activities via a smartphone, something small and light that we can easily carry around, we tend to prefer to use those over a PC. However, it is important to note too that due to the growth of the mobile marketing trend, companies need to, if they haven’t already, adjust their websites accordingly. As we discussed in class, companies with websites need to have a responsive website which the site itself would essentially adjust itself according to the length and width of the current screen it is being displayed on. So for instance, if a viewer accesses your site via a mobile phone/smart-phone, they should be able to view your site without having to do extra zooming or scrolling to read the content.

Another reason why mobile marketing is so important is because it is seen as an opportunity for companies to have essentially an effective marketing strategy. For instance, companies can use mobile marketing as an integrated content delivery, a direct response vehicle, a cross-media driver, or essentially a form of marketing communications according to the article “Mobile Marketing: Its Time Has Come.” Additionally, the article states that with the improvement of technology and reporting, companies can now follow their audiences. Not to mention either, the cost to do such marketing is relatively cheap. The Mobile Marketing article points out this example: “From local retail stores to amateur garage bands, it is now possible to design and implement campaigns to connect with customers and fans alike, with little effort and money.”

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Marketing: Why is it important?

  1. Trevon,

    You did a good job stressing that mobile marketing is a very important tool. It is amazing how phones are used in today’s society! Using mobile marketing is so important for a company’s success!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Trevon,

    I can definitely relate to the on the go lifestyle, between work and school and everything else that falls in between I rely so heavily on my iPhone to get news, and to share my life and connect with others. Mobile marketing is so important because of how many people like myself rely on their phones and tablets! Great job explaining!!


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