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The time has come for integrated digital marketing

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Blogger: Josue Camsmith

2013: The Year of Integrated Marketing, an article by Chris Horton, describes how the integration of the Internet, social Media, and mobile technologies into daily life has helped shift the power away from producers to the consumers. In order for brands to stay competitive, they have to find a new approach to consumer engagement. They need an integrated digital marketing strategy. This is an approach to inform, persuade, and remind customers about the products and brands by using every element of mass and personal marketing communication. Today’s consumers expect personalization with flawless online user experiences and they want content that informs, entertains, and adds value to their lives. If a company wants to utilize integrated digital marketing then they must be patient. A Businessweek article titled Integrated Marketing: If You Knew It, You’d Do It explains that it takes time for an integrated branding plan to take effect. According to the article the average advertising campaign last about 2.3 years and the companies who are able to maintain healthy growth during that time tend to have campaigns that are more effective. Where as those that struggle to maintain growth tend to change their strategies more often.

Fiona Severson in her article Integrated Digital Marketing: The Basics explains that integrated digital marketing is no longer just a trend, “but rather it is an evolution in marketing.” In order to be successful in today’s “techonomy”, businesses need to incorporate refined marketing strategies. They have to be able to combine their marketing efforts across a variety of media platforms in real time in a consistent manner. Severson states, “Just like everyone else who is ever-present on the Internet, brands are too. Rather than just creating a presence, brands must be a presence.”

It seems what most of these articles have in common is the underlying message that the companies must work hard to maintain their brand; they have to find ways to be consistent in all layers of their business to better provide for the customer. Not only must they provide a product or service that the customer wants but they must also have a web and social media presence, and in an increasing, number of cases a mobile presence as well. Severson in her article also mentions that if you do not incorporate integrated digital marketing then your brand will begin to die out. The brands that prove to be capable will win consumers through awareness. In the Businessweek article, they mentioned how integration is much more than using the same tagline or forcing a message to the customer. Rather, “it requires a powerful, unifying strategy and compelling voice for your brand while having the discipline to lay the strategy throughout all aspects of the organization.”

An effective integrated marketing strategy is what helps makes business competitive in today’s “techonomy”. Not only will it give your brand consistency and value but it will give customers a deeper connection and familiarity to your brand as well, and lead to a better bottom line. Basically, you must form significant associations with the customers who value your brand the most. They are after all the most important and matter the most.


One thought on “The time has come for integrated digital marketing

  1. Josue,

    Great job presenting in class! Last semester I took Integrated Marketing Communications and your blog is right on. I think it is so important, especially in today’s society, to take advantage of integrated marketing. In my opinion, social media is such a huge component of integrated marketing. Thanks for sharing!


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