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The importance of integrated marketing efforts

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Blogger: Carmina Cruz

Integration is vital for thorough and successful marketing communication within a company. It is a concept that brings all aspects of marketing communication such as advertizing, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations together to work as a unified cohort. According to the article, “Importance of Integrated Marketing,” integrated marketing brings together all elements of a marketing plan, from newspaper ads to online ads to TV commercials. The article states that one kind of advertisement is not enough to draw in customers. Utilizing multiple marketing channels will catch the customers attention more effectively and will encourage a purchase. The article also states that “integrating all your marketing efforts, it allows for [you] to have consistent messaging across all marketing channels.” If a company does not have a consistent message throughout their marketing channels, their customers will get confused and frustrated. For example, when a customer sees an upcoming sale through traditional media such as sale ads on the newspaper and wants to browse on the company website, but the sale was not announced online, the customer will be confused as to whether the sale is in store only or if there is even a sale at all.

At this day and age, the world continues to use and rely on technology for information- which is why companies must utilize this opportunity try to steer their marketing strategies towards a digital perspective. According to the article written by Fiona Severson, “Integrated Digital Marketing: The Basics,” digital marketing is an evolution in marketing and requires businesses to “synergize their marketing efforts across various media in real-time.” She also discussed a few elements that go into the integrated digital marketing process such as implementing responsive web design so that consumers can access the company website from whatever device they are using. Another element she included was online engagement. A company should use different functions of social media such as taking feedback and asking questions to “diversify the way [you] interact with consumers.”

Companies must break down the silos within marketing communications in order to work effectively and efficiently. They cannot act quickly or make productive decisions, which are essential in marketing. The article written by Lee Odden, “Integrating Digital Marketing & PR – Breaking Down Silos Through Content,” gives an example of integrating digital marketing and public relations through content. Content is the foundation for effective digital marketing and public relations. Public relations drive an extensive amount of content creation from developing messaging strategy to solid content for newsrooms. For digital marketing, content plays an instrumental role in the marketer’s tasks of creating and developing leads and many other marketing objectives. As content is a major factor for both, there are many common ground opportunities for digital marketing and public relations, such as messaging and story, content planning, content placement and optimizing message based on marketing performance data.

Integrated marketing is important in this technologically driven world as it joins each marketing channels together to work cohesively, allowing a company to reach their customers more inventively.


One thought on “The importance of integrated marketing efforts

  1. Carmina,

    I think you did a great job presenting in class! I liked your opening sentence of this post as well. Integrated marketing is so “vital” to a company’s success. I took Integrated Marketing Communications here at Mason and I think everything you mentioned was spot on. I agree that digital marketing is the evolution! Again, great job and thanks for sharing!


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