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The importance of an integrated marketing communication plan

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Blogger: Scott Bangert

An IMC plan (Integrated Marketing Communication) is essential to any company, especially medium or small sized firms trying to reach their customers. The blogpost, Integrated Marketing Communications: Why Is It So Important? by Renzie, points out the importance of an IMC plan and makes a solid point on why all firms, or if not most, should create and implement an IMC plan. Renzie has five big reasons why an IMC plan is important.

  1. There are more contact points for customers.
  2. There is more specialized media (digital).
  3. The customers are king.
  4. Marketing is now more data-based (digital).
  5. There is more widespread Internet usage.


In today’s digital age of technology and how fast the average human processes thoughts, companies need to be able to connect with all their customers through a variety of media and not just stick to the old way of conducting marketing. The biggest aspect is digitally using all available media without breaking the budget.

The second article, Building an Integrated Marketing Plan, by Chief Marketer Staff was very informative about how companies can create an IMC plan and why they need to. The old way of mass communication, i.e. radio, TV, and newspaper, are more costly to use individually and can defeat the purpose of a company’s brand and message by construing it through these mass media outlets. The Chief Marketer Staff asks three very important questions, clarifying the three stages of an IMC plan and how to define the brand for a company’s product.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you sell?
  3. Why does it matter?


These three questions help a company look inside themselves and create an image and brand name for their product or service. This article concludes with three stages of an IMC plan for existing customers:

  1. Simple Segmentation
  2. Advance Segmentation
  3. Marketing Mix Model


Answering these three questions, and then defining your brand and purpose and crafting your IMC plan through the three steps mentioned will help any company move more relevant information tailored specifically to existing customers  across all the variations of digital media. The last article, The Importance of Implementing an Integrated Marketing Plan for Your Small Business, by Michael Brito, talks about the importance of an IMC plan and provides examples of how large companies are effectively using their own IMC plan. One of Michael’s two examples is HP (PC Computer Company) and how they allow their customers to personalize their computer during purchase. Michael shows that HP really personalizes the experience of buying a computer by having real people in TV ads and communicating with customers on a personal level. This is how to effectively utilize the digital age by using peoples personal experience and sharing them to the public reaching out to potential customers on a personal level.

Why should anyone buy a product or pay for a service if the company providing them doesn’t believe it’s special or useful? An IMC plan will benefit any company in the digital age of technology. Take time to create one, define the brand, the image and reach your customers.


One thought on “The importance of an integrated marketing communication plan

  1. Scott,

    First off, great job presenting in class! I thought every point you mentioned about the importance of integrated marketing was spot on. Integrated marketing is such an interesting subject and I think it is so important in today’s society! Thanks for sharing!


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